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Dalcroze Eurhythmics Musicianship Training

What’s it all about?

This musicianship training involves full body movement to music, speeding up the connections between the ear, the brain and the limbs, and helping the children with coordination, posture, concentration and integration of mind and body. Eurhythmics creates a comprehensive foundation in the fundamental rhythmic elements of pulse, bartime and phrasing, alongside opportunities for expressive and creative development.

The classes initially focus on the following areas:

    •    improvement of listening skills

    •    improvement of reaction time between perceiving a

    •    signal and carrying out the activity associated with

    •    that signal

    •    improvement of the physical and cognitive connections between rhythm 

          andnotation work

    •    development of good posture and body use

When the children have internalised basic concepts such as pulse and bartime, layers of difficulty are added to the exercises so that they might step in canon, or tap a pulse whilst stepping a rhythm.

Alongside rhythmic work, creative elements are introduced, leading to short movement improvisations and eventually, choreographic work, the purpose of which is to aid the understanding of musical form, improve musical memory and aid in the shedding of inhibitions. The expressive work ties in all the different elements of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, whilst developing ensemble skills and the enjoyment of performance.

Above all, the classes are playful and fun. The combination of movement and song or live or recorded music makes for a rewarding multi-sensory experience.

Suitable Clothing for Dalcroze Classes

As the movement aspect is central to the work, children should wear comfortable clothes.  Girls are advised to wear trousers, shorts or leggings. The children work in bare feet, Tote gripper-soled socks or jazz shoes.