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Some feedback on Magdalen Farm Strings 2021

We always like to hear from parents and participants after each course . . .

From some of the participants . . .

Thank you for doing – yet again – such a marvellous job at Magdalen Farm Strings.   Thisbe came back wonderfully inspired on the violin, having had a wonderful time. I love coming to the concert and seeing them all play, and of course a real highlight is hearing the latest Colin Matthews gem. What a treat and privilege for them to be giving a World Premiere!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you from us both for giving our two and all the children such a magical week. I couldn't have possibly imagined how much they have gained, grown and enjoyed it all. They have both been talking about it all non stop since they got back.  The joys of the week will remain with them no doubt forever and they are already looking forward to the next one. If we can inspirethem to continue musically just a fraction of the inspiration that they got from a week with you we will be doing well! I almost feel as if they have returned rather different and better children!


What a fabulous thing MFS is! Toby, Zoe and Holly had a really wonderful time and they have come home buzzing with stories and energy and enthusiasm for playing their instruments.  They are desperate to come back next year, having had such a great time….  All our children seem to have grown in confidence, in independence and developed in every way in this last week.  It’s like Miracle Grow for children!

As ours have not been in a school setting for 18 months now, the chance to connect with a lot of other children was especially welcome and very productive indeed. They have made friends and found their social confidence again. What a marvellous antidote to Covid lockdown this has been


A huge belated thank you for organising yet another fantastic week of music at Magdalen. Caspian had a ball and loved every minute! He has been recounting tales about the den making, the other kids, the jokes, the games, the running around... and even a bit about the music!  Thank you SO much for all your hard work in making it such a success - it is a wonderful magical thing that you have created!


Just to say that Rosie absolutely loved her time at Magdalen, she has said that she wants the summer to happen all over again so she can repeat it! I was amazed at how much all the children accomplished in just one week but more importantly, it has inspired Rosie to experiment (and practise!) on her cello. Thanks to all the team for their time and effort, it was really appreciated.

And from the children:

Thank you SO much for being awesome at Magdalen, just like every other year with a mixture of laughs, music, grins and much more.  Magdalen was BRILLIANT !


…we loved the choir, especially Old Abraham Brown. We also enjoyed the chamber music sessions.


….It was loads of fun being one of the older kids there for the first time! I really enjoyed being in the senior orchestra and being able to learn the folk music by ear, and I still had fun in the outdoor activities too.