magdalen farm


feedback from our 2018 course

We always like to hear from parents and participants after each course . . .

Thank you both SO much for making Magdalen another huge success this year.  Rudyard has had such a wonderful time and says it was the best week of his life! He has come home with so many wonderful tales of the things he's been up to, the jokes and stories shared, the amazing friendship and enormous musical inspiration!  We feel so lucky that he can be a part of it and can't wait for the next one!  Romilly Cook

Thank you once again for what was, as always, an incredible week at Magdalen Farm Strings. The tutors were all brilliant, with Polly's new choir pieces by Colin Matthews being particularly enjoyable. Being able to perform Rudyard's original composition was a genuine honour- he's an extremely talented musician and composer, and I look forward to seeing what he has to offer in the future. The evening activities were great fun as well- Miranda's folk dancing was a notable highlight, as was the improvisation session. I'm aware that by now I am a bit over the age limit, but I do hope you don't mind if I come back next year!  Patrick Beare

Wow! Another fabulous concert and a wonderful week. I am so impressed with how much the children have achieved in a relatively short time and it is great to see them doing such a wide variety of musical activities. The outdoor activities in the video clip look great fun and it's a rare opportunity for children to mix and socialise with children in different age groups. Now I see where all the mud in the washing came from!    Magdalen Farm Strings makes sense of all the weekly lessons, practices and exams throughout the year. It is what music is all about - coming together with like-minded students to be creative and enjoy music.   Sue Mort

Jasmine had such an amazing time , she really misses her house mothers . She hasn't stopped talking about it . The week has really increased her confidence with playing the violin .. Thank you so much for making her week so enjoyable.   Shani Bolland

Magdalen is a wonderful string camp where kids learn to play musical instruments better as a group and they also motivate each other. The farm location is wonderful as kids get out to connect to nature and get dirty.  They don’t have gadgets with them as there is no wifi and it is too much fun to interact with others.  A small group where kids are well looked after because the same tutors run the course every year and they know the kids well, so it's a very safe environment for a week long course.  Risa thinks Magdalen farm is her second home and can't wait to return next year.  Pei Dyer

Thank you so much for giving Jessica another fantastic week at Magdalen Farm.  Perhaps the most important element lacking from many individual music lessons is learning the skills required to play as part of a group. Sadly this opportunity is rarely provided at school. Watching a group of young musicians of mixed ages and ability working together after just a week shows what music can do. The choir is very good and judging by the smiles, great fun. Even after a week it is already possible to see the signs of a better understanding of musical expression through the Dalcroze eurhythmics sessions. Music practice is hard, but so much more rewarding when as a group you can be a part of this creative process. The combination of music making and recreation in the idyllic surroundings of Magdalen Farm are balanced perfectly. You have created something very special and we are so grateful that Jessica has been able to attend. Her sight reading, confidence and enthusiasm have been given an enormous boost.  Simon Hood

Magdalen is an amazing place – I’ve always loved animals, especially pigs – and a great opportunity to make new friends.  My favourite bit in the music was the chamber music, and it really helped me learn how to work together whilst playing and lead a small group of musicians.   My favourite outdoor activity was the low ropes, because I like the challenge of obstacle courses.    Celeste Marr-Johnson

Thank you so much for another amazing year at Magdalen.  It gets better and better every year I come and it seems so long to wait another year before I come again and see all my friends.   The repertoire was really fun to play.  I did particularly enjoy the Shletl piece.  Harlan Marr-Johnson

We've been to all the end of course concerts that our granddaughters have been involved in and are always hugely impressed not only by what is achieved in such a short time but by the range of activities both musical and non-musical that the children are involved in.   The kids absolutely love it and the 

overall ambience and bonding that takes place is lovely to observe.   Gillian George.


Hannah really enjoyed the music week. It’s given her renewed enthusiasm for the violin and increased confidence to play different pieces. She loved all of the afternoon activities and couldn’t distinguish a favourite from all the games and adventures. Hannah is keen to attend again next year, probably with her sister, Emily.    Cecilia Chisholm


Serena absolutely adored Magdalen Strings - I wasn't sure I would be able to drag her back home at the end she had had such an uplifting time and just didn't want to leave.  From the moment I arrived to collect her I could see that she had had an immersive experience. The sense of camaraderie, the expectation fizzing from the groups waiting to go on stage and the calm, rounded performances - they all spoke of a week of inspiration and joy. I only wish she had been able to join last year and yes, please, please can she book in for next year…  Lucy Forwood