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feedback from our 2019 course

We always like to hear from parents and participants after each course . . .

From some of the participants . . .

Thank you so much for organising Magdalen. I enjoy it so much every year and the day it finishes, I start my countdown to the next one! At Magdalen there is such a lovely atmosphere.  Everyone has something in common – music and a sense of adventure.

This year my favourite part was the chamber music. I’ve never really done any chamber music outside of Magdalen and I love working with other people closely to make music. I also really enjoyed the orchestra this year. I had many laughs trying to remember the Palladio off by heart. Celeste

Thank you very much for a great week at Magdalen! I really enjoyed it. I had more fun than I would’ve at home! As well as being fun, it really helped me on the cello. I look forward to coming again next year. Rory

Thank you so much for letting me stay at Magdalen, it was so fun. I enjoyed it soooo much, I hope you did too.  I especially liked chamber music and orchestra. One of the highlights was the talent show. Lots of love, Thisbe

Thank you for such an amazing week for the fifth year running. I especially enjoyed the music we played, in particular the Mendelssohn octet. I also really like the Dalcroze that I participated in. In particular I enjoyed dancing with a chair (I don’t know the technical name). I hope to come next year. Harlan

Thank you once again for what was, as always, an amazing week at Magdalen. Whilst there are of course the old favourites in terms ofactivities etc., each year you and the staff manage to switch it up and find new ways to keep it exciting whilst maintaining the sense of closecommunity that makes Magdalen so special; particular highlights this year being the ceilidh evening as well as the Schubert string quintet that I got to play. Both Dalcroze tutors did very well to fill the formidable shoes of Lucinda, forming close relationships with all of the course students quickly. Patrick

And from parents . . .

I have been meaning to get in touch and thank you for everything you do at Magdalen. You are amazing, taking care of so many important detail . The girls absolutely loved the course, as they always do. Could it be longer they asked? Not for all of you I know as you give all your energies and more to make it such a success.

Laura really enjoyed her time at Magdalen strings this year. She is keen to come back and wants to board next year. So I guess the feedback is ‘keep on doing whatever you have been doing!’

Thank you SO much for another tremendous week at Magdalen Farm Strings! Our two children both had such a wonderful time, returning exhausted but very happy. Caspian has never been away from home before, but immediately felt completely at home with you all and just had a whole load of fun...we're still hearing the stories.

Rudyard as ever, thoroughly enjoyed the course which is now one of his firm highlights of the year. He particularly enjoyed the music this year which was both challenging and rewarding. Also the talent show and the outdoor games seem to have been very popular. He has written a quote for you to use:  ‘Magdalen Farm Strings continues to exceed expectations, providing a fun and worthwhile week that combines an exciting musical experience as well as an immersive social environment.’

Jasmine had a wonderful time again.  She is so much more confident with playing the violin now and would love to be back again next year. Thank you all so much for the superb skills that went into organising the event. The concert was delightful to watch with all the young talented musicians.

Ella loved it and would love to join next year.

Thank you - she had the time of her life.

Re: Magdalen Farm Strings 2020. I don’t think you’d be able to stop Sebastian from coming!