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House Mothers

Our House Mothers, Poppy Orr-Ewing and Serena Forwood (seen here with Tomas), are responsible for pastoral care, comforting anyone who might be feeling a little homesick, looking after medication, and making sure that everyone goes to bed at a time commensurate with their age group.

They share a room in the centre of the residential accommodation, closest to the younger children, so are immediately on hand for any night-time problems.

Poppy is a thoroughly accomplished musician, and has spent the last several years at Magdalen Farm Strings leading the orchestra and helping in any way she can. She has returned as a House Mother with a great understanding of how to have the most fun and inspire the best playing in the children. She is currently completing an art foundation course in Brighton, and will be using her artistic flare to make sure that not only the ensembles sound fantastic, but that the afternoon activities are fun and engaging.

Serena, having first been introduced to Magdalen Farm Strings 2 years ago, is the second House Mother, and has been pursuing music for many years. She is currently working at a school in Sherborne in the music department, and hopes to go to Newcastle to study Music and Philosophy next year. Her love of music and legendary skills at making hot chocolate will be fantastic in the evenings.